How to change default printer tray on mac

Instead, specify these settings in your Word document.

Change paper size

If there are multiple sections in your document, you must specify the settings for each section of the document. To specify these settings, follow these steps: Start Word, and then open the document you want to change. In Microsoft Office Word and in earlier versions of Word, click the page or the section that you want to print, and then click Page Setup on the File menu. In Microsoft Office Word and Word , click the page or the section that you want to print, and then click the Page Layout tab.

Click the Paper tab. Under Paper size , click the paper size that you want.

Selecting Basic Print Settings - Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7

In the Paper source area, perform one of the following steps: If the printer can automatically select the correct paper tray to use, click Default tray in the First page list, and then click Default tray in the Other pages list. Default tray is the default setting in both of these lists. If the printer cannot automatically select the correct paper tray to use, you may have to select the paper tray that contains the paper size that you selected in step 4. To do this, click the appropriate paper tray in the First page list and in the Other pages list.

If you want to change the document's page orientation or its page margins, click the Margins tab. Select the options that you want.

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Perform one of the following steps in the Apply to box: To use the paper size that you specified in step 4 for only the current section of the document, click Selected text. To use the paper size that you specified in step 4 for the current section of the document and for all remaining sections in the document, click This point forward. To use the paper size that you specified in step 4 for the whole document, click Whole document. Click OK. Repeat steps 2 to 9 for each section of your document for which you want to specify settings. More Information. For more information about how to print documents from Word, view the following topics in Microsoft Word Help: Printing Margins and Page Setup.

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Last Updated: Apr 17, Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. Australia - English. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. I would like to set the print default via ethernet to use tray 2, with a separate saved setting to use tray 1 for envelopes. I eventually deleted the printer from the printer list in the System Preference and reinstalled it. Everything prints normally if each print job is set up each time in the application print dialog. That means reloading paper or envelopes after each type of print job.

The solution is probably pretty simple, but so far, has eluded me. Any thoughts? Posted on Feb 19, Feb 20, 9: Have you tried using presets? Or the CUPS interface: I went back into the print dialog for the default printer via ethernet and established two settings. The first was to print from tray 2 letter size paper and the second to print envelopes from tray 1. This does not help with wireless printing which still defaults to tray 1.

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Will look into your suggestion concerning CUPS settings. Page content loaded. Aug 23, Hi Mike Did you ever find a solution Besides returning the printer, of course ;. Aug 27, I ending up emailing support, and they in turn told me that I should use their iPrint program, which did indeed end up having an option to print from the 2nd cassette tray.

Nov 17, I just got this printer Workforce and had similar frustrations with the unit as it defaults to print tray 1. This is the only tray that will hold 4x6 photo paper, so everything, including the test page, printed onto the photopaper. I tried many things including contacting epson and they said "On a Mac, you are unable to change the printer's default settings. The trick is to use the printer pop up accessed when printing by selecting the drop down in the middle of the screen that, on my mac, shows that app's name that is running.

Change / Set Default Printer in Settings - Mac OS X

Select the "print settings' line and set the tray to cartridge 2, then save this as the default by going to the printer 'presets' drop down second from the top and select'save current settings as Preset It's really pretty simple, but I wasted a lot of time trying all the other options, so I thought I would try to save others the hassel. This can be seen in the user manual under: Access to the printer can be gained from your browser by going to URL: