How to lock external hard drive with a password mac

I created a Windows partition on the drive and when I booted back into Lion, the drive mounted. It now works fine again.

"Locking" an external hard drive

In total I have 6 options, but none of which have the ability to encrypt. Since you need Lion Guys, try Lockngo. No need to prepare drive or reformat it. Very fast disk locking. It works for both Mac and PC. While you can still use the traditional route to encrypt disks through Disk Utility, from OS X Mountain Lion onward the process is streamlined directly into the Finder and […].

I followed your steps and it works great!

Thanks so much for the screenshots as well. It helped a bunch! Thanks for your detailed explanation. Or protect each partition with a different password.

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Hi, Is it possible to set different passwords for different partitions. I set up the external with that Mac and put all of my information on it. Still actually learning how to even use a Mac.

I love my external and of course need it to work with my Mac and need it pw protected, but need it to work with any computer I hook it up to. What do I do? Thank you. Hello, i have tried to do this but when i go onto Disk Utility there is no option to encrypt?

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Is it possible to partition an external hard drive and then password protect only one of the created partitions? HEEELP…I did everything and when prompted for password on my encrypted Drobo drive, I hit cancel and now no matter what I do in regards to unplugging and checking disk utility makes it appear again. Also no option to mount any idea? I can see it in my drobo dashboard…. Another option would be to manually mount the drive through the command line, which is quite a bit more advanced:. Starting to get into the weeds with that one, but it would work as well.

Guys will this encrypted pen drive work on windows also? Sadly, OSX Option still available for USB and Hard drives. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

Password Protect an External Drive in Mac OS X with Encrypted Partitions

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Toggle navigation. How to recover lost data from formatted, corrupted, crashed APFS drive?

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Password Protect External Hard Drive on Windows

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How to lock external hard drive on Mac

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How to Lock External Hard Disk with Password

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