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You need one per OS unless you're sharing a computer with other people for commercial use so you only need a single licence to cover both of your MacBooks. Alfred Affinity Designer 1. However, it seems to me a little too generous from the Affinity people.

In this setup I can go around and put the software on all machines of my family and friends and whatever. They can then run it until they need to reinstall or update for some reason, at which point they need me again. While I definitely hugely dislike periodic subscription fees, there is a middle way too: That would allow me and my wife to use it for our purposes which are purely non-commercial , plus an extra machine or so as in my case but not an unlimited number.

After all, the developers have to pay the rent, even after the peak of initial purchases is over. Then there is the question of upgrades: I don't mind to pay for upgrades once in a while if the changes are significant. What I do object to is a monthly fee and a constant activation-check over the network. With Affinity at least I can sleep well at night: Tasmania is very well connected to the net, they had the first high school with its own website.

The licensing requirement is either one license for all Macs the buyer owns or controls if used for non-commercial purposes, or for commercial purposes either one license per seat multiple users on one Mac or one license per commercial user one user on multiple Macs. The closest thing to that is Family Sharing, but that limit is for sharing purchases with five other family members 6 total. Affinity Photo 1. Every other program so far I have been able to transfer the licence over to my new Mac.

All apps sold through MAS, not just the Affinity ones, are sold with a non-transferable license.

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I'm guessing Affinity chose this way because they want the kudos of having it on the Apple App Store, and Apple claim exclusivity if you want your app on it's store? Not entirely - it's because the App Store gives us the sort of global exposure that's hard to achieve any other way. Plus, it's a very well run store. Very disheartening. But do remember to never cancel your plan.

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My computer is a nothing-special Toshiba laptop with unremarkable specs running Windows 10 bit. For commercial use the license is good for either one seat one computer with multiple users or one user the sole user of multiple computers. Not happy about this. I can clearly only use the software on one computer at once; my other computer just happens to have a different operating system. Includes must-have utilities to help you get things done faster on your Mac.

Easy switch from PC to Mac.

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We make it easy to bring all of your files, applications, browser bookmarks, and more from your PC to your Mac with the setup assistant. Condition is Like New. Used once. You're already purchasing the item. Quality Products. Gives use the ability run windows on their mac, and easily switch back and forth.

That is why you get such good deals. If we have tested it, we will let you know how we have tested and for how long. Usually no more than just powering a unit up to see that everything boots and works. Got one to sell? You may also like.

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Brand see all. Is there any way that I could possibly transfer all my games, data and my account from my Mac to Windows? If I can not transfer over to my Windows then is there a way that I can re-download all my games, data and my account from my Mac on to my Windows with no charge? Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments.

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You can redownload them. Most games on Steam come with a Mac and Windows version, if a Mac version is available. Since you only own Mac games, those games also included a Windows license for the games. There are a few exceptions of course. I can't say all of them will work like that, but you can check the game's store page.

If it shows both the Apple loge and Windows logo, then it included bothe when you bought it. You will have to redownload and possibly start over for the games as the two OSs use diffrent files and file systems. Cathulhu View Profile View Posts. You already own the windows version.

Just use the same Steam account you currently use on your Mac. It is that easy. As I went and tried to play it, it quit out of the app and said that it wouldn't work. I went and checked the Mac requirements for the game and realized that my Graphics Card was outdated for the game.