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You can hide and unhide the different ways of installing by pushing the plus button in the right corner of the box you want. Leave any feedback in the discussion page. Video for Installing on singleplayer http: Click here. Clicky here: Follow the installation instructions that come up, try not to change any of the options from what they start as. Click on it. If you don't see a "mods" folder create it. Click on the first link WinRAR x86 32 bit 4.

Open the Millenaire zip and add the files in the folder "Put in minecraft. Note this is only done the first time you install Millenaire - doesn't need to be repeated when updating Millenaire. Mac installation video http: Click on Minecraft, this is your minecraft folder and is the same as the. On your keyboard find and press and hold the "alt" or "option" button on your keyboard. The option called "Library" should appear in the list of options, Click on Library.

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Most Mac machines have an extractor program called "Archive utility" but some versions of that do not extract. Jar files if you want to try using Archive utility skip to step 3. Go here http: Go to your minecraft folder using the above instructions for your OS and then go into the "bin" folder and you should see a JAR file called "Minecraft.

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JAR" or "Minecraft". Right click on this file and click open with and choose either "Archive Utility" or "The Unarchiver" and a progress bar will appear and after that a folder called "Minecraft.

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Jar" or "Minecraft". If you used archive Utility and and did not get a folder called Minecraft. You may need to download it. Delete the JAR file of Minecraft by putting it in the trash, if you don't it won't work. The web browser "Safari" must be used for this as it automatically extracts Zip files. If you managed to delete safari why did you buy a Mac.

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The downloads window will appear with it progress, open the folder once its downloaded and extracted. With the extracted Minecraft. JAR folder open copy all the files in the modloader folder and paste into the Minecraft. JAR folder. When a window appears click on "paste and replace. With this done run Minecraft and then quit it, go back into your main minecraft folder in the finder, not the extracted one and a new folder called "mods" should have appeared, it will be empty.

Download the latest version of Millenaire here http: Using safari again it will automatically extract. Put the folder named "put in minecraft folder" into your minecraft folder who would have thought that it would go in there. Open the folder called "put in minecraft. JAR if Forge absent " and copy and paste the Contents of that folder in the minecraft.

Millenaire Mod create NPC villages 1.7.10

JAR folder including the folder called "Forge", when the window pops up click "paste and replace". Put the folder named "put in mods folder" into the mods folder oh my gosh , the mods folder is located in the minecraft folder. Do you really need instructions of how to open minecraft. JAR folder open, copy all the files in the Forge folder and paste into the Minecraft.

Put the contents of the folder named "put in mods folder" into the mods folder I bet you could have figured that out for yourself , the mods folder is located in the minecraft folder. This is an easy to follow guide to install the Millenaire mod from scratch on Linux. I make this guide on Linux Ubuntu, but i think, it works on other distributions too. Go to your minecraft directory.

Please keep in mind that linux hide folders with a dot on the front. If you don't found the folder, open minecraft, login, press on mods and texturepacks button, press open texture packs folder and go up one layer. Copy all the files in the saves folder and paste the content in the Backup folder you made in step 1. Open the file minecraft.

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Maybe you have installed the file-roller which is standard under ubuntu. Download the official server from Minecraft. Download the latest Forge version. It is placed in the left column. Double click Forge. Keep in mind that you used the same programm for this task. In the created folder is a folder called put in mods folder.

Go into this directory and copy all files to the mods folder which is located in the serverfolder. Before you start the Server again, you must delete the world folder.

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You can change the language, if you want it. Open the Server and connect to it. Happy playing! Back up your saves. See how under the appropriate instructions below for your operating system. Download Millenaire Installer from [2] and click on the right link for your operating system. Download Modloader from here: Download the latest version of Millenaire from here: Open Millenaire installer. You should see a green tick next to minecraft.

If you don't, install minecraft and run it once then exit the game. This ensures that all the necessary files are created. In the box called ModLoader click the select button and find the modloader Zip file, it should be in your downloads file or where ever your computer saves downloaded files. Click install and you will see in the action log the it is installing.

A Green tick will appear once installed. It may Freeze and not look like it is doing anything but don't worry it is installing. Minecraft Forge. Client Universal: Download from Server 1. Download from Server 1 — Download from Server 2. For Minecraft 1. Download from Server 1 For Minecraft 1. Minecraft 1. Featured Posts Minecraft Forge 1.