Age of empires 2 mac vs pc lan

Ignore all the other factors - how would it work on a LAN basis? How many Steam accounts would be required?

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Just one, and one purchase, for eight players to play it? How would the other players get the software in order to join the game Not through Steam!

How would that be distributed? Who would pay for that distribution? How would they get updates? How would they join Internet games through matchmaking without Steam?

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Steam works on an account basis. It hasn't even worked any other way. You want to run two copies of a licensed title on Steam, you need two separate accounts. Even TF2 - a free-to-play game that makes Steam money from in-game purchases, you can't do it.

Age of Empires II Mac VS PC.

If you build in a way for LAN play to happen, that means distributing somehow a version of the game that has some other copy-protection or none at all , some other matchmaking or none at all and working on a trust system with users not to build VPN's over the Internet and just playing it with everyone online over those VPN's so forming what is basically a private network that anyone can join, and thus destroying licensing revenue.

Games a long time ago didn't have to worry about such things. Nowadays, especially with digital distribution, it's not getting hold of the game illicitly that's difficult, it's playing that version online on an official server. As such, there are companies set up to do nothing but provide VPN's that "look like" LAN's to anyone with even a copy of the game Himachi or whatever's it's called is often used to do just that, and lots of gaming VPN's exist that work that way. If AoEII wasn't on Steam, then you'd have to have your own matchmaking, your own servers, your own copy-protection, outside of Steam which would probably mean distributing and selling it yourself, which is a HUGE expense - a situation I would envisage as being much, much worse than having to pay for a second copy for a second player.

LAN gaming died when people started abusing it. And that was a long while ago. Also dead is distribution on "normal" i. There's nothing to suggest that a LAN option wouldn't be abused. There's absolutely no business case for it and, at the end of the day, Microsoft are the ones funding this. LAN gaming was around when games companies were more interested in the game and gamers and less in the business side, and the Internet was a luxury that wasn't capable of being used by a homeowner to this extent of abuse e. Having a LAN option on Doom basically created the LAN gaming market and still sold millions because nobody had anything like that at the time.

Only about 10 years after, LAN gaming was dead in all but name - Having to log in via Gamespy or MSN Zone or whatever service was necessary, having copy-protected CD's that you only got a limited number of, having product keys and activation - these things came about to STOP things like LAN gaming and other methods of sharing purchased licenses with your friends for free. I don't like it, but I work in IT and I have to manage licensing all day long.

I'm also a programmer, so I get it from the programmer's point of view not wanting to lose their work, or replicate Steam in order to do it. And I've also run my own business, and I don't think for a second that allowing free LAN play would ever be a sensible move unless it was as some kind of loss-leader strategy, compared to making people pay for each copy. In fact, I find the whole argument 15 years too late. And much better would be to not bother the developers with talk of LAN play, but ask them to reduce the price so you CAN go and buy a four-pack for your friends without feeling conned.

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I still think the price is steep, personally, and if it had been cheaper, I would have paid more i. That is all a LAN is. You guys need to call what you want what it is. You are saying you want free licenses plain and simple.

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If you play the game you are agreeing to it. Bludshed View Profile View Posts. But the fact is there are people who would. So as fellow gamers why not support the addition. It has no effect on the experience of the game for those who won't use it, but it'll fill a void of a much wanted feature for those who would. Oh you need it?

So what!?

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I don't. Catch my drift? LAN mode was a feature of the original so it makes no sense for it to not be featured in this release. Please bring it back for the people who would get use out of it! Originally posted by Johnny:. Per page: Date Posted: I have a mac and I have all the discs for Age Of Empires 3 and use steam to play the game.

My friend has windows and he is going to purachse the game via steam. My question is, will I be able to play him online across platforms? We are both using steam so I cannot see a problem. I am new to multiplayer so as I said please dont shoot me. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments.

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You just have to make sure you're playing the same version so if you only have the original game, he'll have to run that and not Asian Dynasties to play with you. Per page: Date Posted: Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.